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Joeboy – Alcohol (Official Audio),#SUBSCRIBE4more

I’m just from sipping my “Akoho” Kenyans in the building
Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen
He expresses many people’s feelings through his song .. He’s just an outstanding musician
This actually an inspiring songJoeboy always understands the assignment and he deliverssending Love and Light from Kenya
I’m glad i hear this song before even the first 100,000 i believe that the song will reach the million views !!
I love that you’re bringing light into ways that people use alcohol to cope with life stresses
Joe boy’s creativity is Appaling …..Representing
This vibes is giving me emotional feelings right now
Kenyans are dominating this
Two years from now and this song will still be a banger
,,, this is words can’t express how much this song is superb
Let joeboy know that we Kenyans luv his art
Joeboy understands music in a very spectacular way that brings out the wonders of his imagination to his music
The vocals, the beat
Everything is flawless
Found this jam on tiktok and now I can’t get it out of my head

Joeboy one of the legend i always wait for his song to drop i gat to groove with this song so much this year.. one love
Here to represent Kenyans who love good music, this should be at 10m views by now
Get good headphones, speakers and listen to this song with no disturbance….mmmm the sound just melts your heart
Apart from the motivating words in the song, the song’s beat are just next level! This is that song that gives you joy, motivates you and get’s you to awesome levels of happiness! Thank you Joeboy!
This jam gets me emotional, I’m really in love with the lyrics and vibe. Keep shining Joe boy
As I jam to this song E boost my confidence at the gym. I finally got my crush digits. Wish me luck guys joe boy you are doing well
Le son fait vraiment présence de toutes émotions.
I play this song all day
Kenyans in the house let’s camp here.
Lovely song, how I wish the first verse was repeated before the song ended
Im addicted to this song since the day it was released
I love how Joeboy keeps getting better
Am I the only one who loves the vibe of the first verse more than the chorus?cant wait to come back here 3 years from now and love this,and listen to it like its my first time
He actually understand how to drop the hit at the right moment thumbs up
This song is soooo nice
Love from +254
He always understands the assignment
This song takes me to another dimension, especially with earphones in, that based hit different
This is a beautiful song….thanks Joeboy
Make nobody stress no more, inspiring
Joeboy – Alcohol (Official Audio),Joeboy – Alcohol (Official music video)Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen
Music & Visual are dopeeee!
Kenyans in the house show some mad love
This song has an omah lay understand vibe… joeboy keeps impressing me back to back
The song hits just perfectly…replaying over and over from
Even before listening to this song I already know it’s a hit
This song is fire. Namibia approves
Only bad thing is it’s so short and it ends
Rema, fireboy, omah lay, Joeboy
JOEBOY- AlCOHOL //Dancechoreography by flirtycarlos and sean mmg,JOEBOY- AlCOHOL //Dancechoreography by flirtycarlos and sean mmg,the energy is on another level
I love itthis is actually one of my choreography
Sean mmg killed it
You can tell, this is straight vibes throughout the whole choreography
carlos my dance mentor as always
Always keeping it simple,cool and fresh big up
Carlos will always be my best and favourite chereographer ever
You guys are really creative in making styles…. keep it burning brothers
This dance moves left me smiling keep up the great work building youngsters
Wow.. Always a vibe
this is on another level
The energy for everyone is just only I pray you get the best camera ndio ikuwe more clear and attractive
The girls definitely dominated this one
Lit guys
Carlos you are a demon in dancing bro u lit
The last guy murdered it lol
Incredible The choreo’s lit I’m on it
I love the choreography nice job…however the group that my sister was part of is not included in the video and now she’s upset cause she’s not in the video
Always the best
It’s always elizar’s smile for me
Flirty you always amaze me
we need to see tanya dancing

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