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Omah Lay: Tiny Desk Concert

This year’s Black History Month celebration at the Tiny Desk features a carefully crafted lineup spanning many genres, generations and walks of life. Each artist represents the best in their class and will be performing at the Tiny Desk for the first time.

Bobby Carter | February 28, 2023
Omah Lay brought a calm demeanor and a bright smile to his time at NPR headquarters. By the third song of his Tiny Desk concert, “soso,” I realized that the Nigerian star was exercising lots of emotions through this set. The first two titles, “Bad Influence” and “i’m a mess,” are self-explanatory, yet the message of “soso” — that he’s yearning for something to take his pain away — could get lost in the song’s upbeat rhythms. At any rate, Omah Lay’s performance showcases a songwriter grappling with all the feels, unafraid to share them with the world.

Omah Lay rose to prominence during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic with his debut EP, Get Layd. In a short time, he’s joined the slew of African artists who’ve dominated dance floors and infiltrated America with Afro-fusion music. The feat is extraordinary and bittersweet, given that when he first broke through, the music industry was in a frenzy and the clubs closed. But songs like “Lo Lo” and “Free My Mind” resonated despite not booming in the big speakers, and he kept working until it was safe to come back out — and landed even more hits. He made the trip from Nigeria exclusively for the Tiny Desk and brought his band, The Raw Soundz, from Ghana, plus percussionist Boogie and singers Monet Shelton and Domo Abrams. Together, they flipped selections from Omah’s catalog, including a new version of his hit “understand” with a twist.

“Bad Influence”
“i’m a mess”
“never forget”
Medley: “Infinity,” “bend you,” “understand”

Omah Lay: vocals
Ernest “Subroza” Osei-Bonsu: guitar
Donald Crentsil: keys
Kwabena Kyeremeh Adade: drums
Leroy “Boogie” Greer: percussion
Steve Millar: bass
Domo Abrams: vocals
Monet Shelton vocals

Producer: Bobby Carter
Audio Engineer: Neil Tevault
Director/Editor: Kara Frame
Creative Director: Bob Boilen
Videographers: Kara Frame, Joshua Bryant, Maia Stern, Sofia Seidel
Audio Mix: Josh Rogosin
Audio Assistant: Josephine Nyouani
Production Assistants: Jill Britton, Ashley Pointer
Tiny Desk Team: Suraya Mohamed, Marissa Lorusso, Hazel Cills, Pilar Galvan
VP, Visuals and Music: Keith Jenkins
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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  1. This is terrble. Not terrible but jus plain terrble. This man sang off key for the entire concert. Cone on, diaspora. Everybody copies and steals our music, voices, dances, lingo, etc. We gotta do much better. The continent has afrobeats. caribbean has reggae, soca, calypso, dancehall,etc. The states has country, gospel, r&b(soul), neo soul rock, pop, hiphop, edm, disco, house, techno, blues, jazz. We are an excellent people. Burna boy and the reggae artists sound great. This young should too. And we should expect him to. Either that or get a talkbox

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